How Does Music Affect a Person’s Emotions

Music is an integral part of human experience. We all experience joy, anger, sadness and other feelings. We tend to listen to music that expresses our mood. Music has always been a way of letting out emotions, and sometimes those emotions are felt by other people. Have you ever listened to a song that made you cry? Have you listened to a song that made you want to dance?Music has power, to control our motions. Below are some ways how music affects a person’s emotions.


  • Music has a calming effect

Research shows that extreme music such as metal and punk can make you calm. Listening to metal and punk will reduce your anger and regulate your emotion. This genre of music will connect with your negative emotions and help you process them making you feel better.


  • Musical suspense is key to emotional response


Music is flexible, and musicians often manipulate it to ensure your emotions vary throughout a song. For instance, that intense feeling you have when your favorite verse is about to drop. It’s reduces stress up to a point that you may not need tea tree oil acne treatment at all!


  • Sad music is emotionally powerful


Listening to upbeat music often uplifts our mood. But often it is the slower songs that make us emotional. When we listen to a sad song, the feelings of melancholy are stronger because they relate to our opinions. Sad songs are good for growth than happy songs.


  • Emotional contagion


It is the ability to influence the emotions and behaviors of others either directly or indirectly. It comes from unconsciously sharing our feelings with others. Do you find yourself nodding your head to a particular strong beat? It means you are empathizing with the emotion expressed in the song.


  • Music boosts peak performance


Most players listen to music before a game to put them in the right headspace for peak performance. Music is an effective way to motivate the desired performance. For instance, if you are feeling low music with fast tempo will make you focused and alert.  The lyrics of the song are also crucial in boosting confidence and performance. The words of a song can put you in a particular headspace.


  • Music triggers memories


Music triggers memories and experience from our past. We often associate particular songs with past experiences in our lives. Listening to such songs creates nostalgia and makes those memories alive. Some songs take us to our teenage years of reckless abandon and help us relive those days.


  • Music brings excitement


Some people often say that listening to pleasant music has the same effect as eating delicious food or winning the lottery. The next time you want to raise your spirits, play your favorite tunes.  Musicians write their lyrics from heartbreaks, conversations and thoughts. The art they create can rouse a response with both your brain and emotions. How music affects us depend on our surroundings and the memories triggered by the music.


Music can be a good friend to cheer you up when you are feeling low and give you direction in life. If you are not a music fanatic make sure you listen to different genres until you find your song. Do not give up on music so fast.